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You may attempt to get a handle on (or to lose regulation) aˆ“ especially through sex or attraction

For those who have Mars in disease, maybe you are specially attracted to a defensive hookup sites and adult man, and perhaps to at least one exactly who acts like a aˆ?father-figureaˆ? for you.

You’re further interested if they are wealthy or famous or powerful or attractive… and so can echo his magnificence onto you.

You are able to fall in love with a friend, but can frequently let a relationship fade into a relationship

One just who commands admiration, and a guy who’s good-sized (and will manage to become), also interest you.

You love people who respect and praise your. A superb face and beautiful body get focus. You may well be specially interested in aˆ?the bossaˆ? or males who’re aˆ?leadersaˆ? in some way.

If you have Mars in Leo, you may get turned on by watching men act self-assured, cocky, and/or arrogant.

Fundamentally, you may be like a Princess whom expects to-be handled royally and courted by a good looking and powerful Prince.

The sort of man whom attracts you is smart, well-mannered, well-dressed, useful, and reliable aˆ“ particularly if he’s neat and thoroughly clean.

Chances are you’ll in fact take a look at your brand-new go out’s fingernails to find out if they are neat and well-kept. Or perhaps you test their boots.

Appearances are very important for your requirements aˆ“ not so much APPEARANCES, but LOOKING aˆ?properaˆ? aˆ“ but few become aˆ?perfectaˆ? adequate. But you are in some instances interested in men who is far from best, since you imagine you’ll be able to aˆ?fixaˆ? him.

You appreciate men who are able to behave with decorum in public, yet can abandon himself to an earthy lustinesss in personal (whilst would).

The type of man who attracts you is charming, polite, well-dressed, and looks aˆ?classyaˆ? aˆ“ and it helps if he’s good-looking, romantic, and a bit old-fashioned.

Calmness is exactly what your seek, yet it will become dull or boring to you aˆ“ so that you always shake facts up only a little on occasion. Especially if you bring Mars in Libra, you might be turned on with what the truth is as aˆ?beautifulaˆ? aˆ“ for example a finely-formed human body or face.

You may also get a hold of an argument stimulating, providing they remains spoken and does not get actually intimidating. You see your self as actually a lover, perhaps not a fighter, perhaps you are sexually interested in a macho kind, as Venus was interested in Mars.

You are slightly like Ginger Rogers, along with your idea of a great mate might be a Fred Astaire. If perhaps you were in a televison show, you could potentially play aˆ?Dianeaˆ? on aˆ?Cheersaˆ?.

The kind of man who lures your sounds intensive or inscrutable, features a kind of magnetic charm about him that tips at smouldering sex and love.

You happen to be strong-willed and possessive, and like the exact same in a companion, available have a deep-felt need to be wanted.

an understated psychological electricity challenge is a sexy aspect of the appeal. Guys whom seems strange or brooding or have actually aˆ?deep dark colored waysaˆ? could intrigue and encourage you. Discover some flicks starring James Dean or Mickey Rourke for advice.

For those who have Mars in Scorpio, you should have extra strong passions and sexual needs, and an intimate magnetism that is sensed by others, especially some other Scorpio type.

The person whom brings your is the one who showcases highest moral and moral expectations, and lives doing their ideals of trustworthiness and ethics aˆ“ and much more if the guy could teach you anything or perhaps a religious instructions.

You are the supreme aˆ?Seductressaˆ? and might become particularly stimulated by the natural sexual strength of a passionate guy

Sharing adventures or sports or a philosophical conversation will get your own interest, and men with a feeling of humor gets your affections aˆ“ although his humor were badpanionship or aˆ?being buddiesaˆ? is essential for you, so your romances often start with an informal shared activity.

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